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Wine Lab: The Wines of Italy

Welcome to 2018, we made it. It's a new year and a new semester has just started. As I've mentioned before, I'm currently enrolled in viticulture and enology program at the Southern Oregon Wine Institute. Part of the curriculum is geared toward exposing students, many of whom have scant knowledge about imported wines, to the broader wine world. I believe it's a good way to give perspective, via immersion into those regions many have only heard of before. 
Part of the class involves the writing of a tasting note about the wines presented, in what I consider a rather perfunctory style, notes which are not in my typical inimitable tone and tenor found on my blog. That said I hope you'll enjoy this edition of wine lab, there are many more to arrive over the next month or so. Today's wine review feature the wines of Italy, just a couple were a bit disappointing with the remainder receiving the coveted thumbs up recommendation. 

Cantine Colosi 2015 Nero D' Avola,…

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