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A sense of place!

I've been contacted by the film maker to review this Film's premiere online October 2, 2008. Which is a series that will capture the essence of family owned wine estates through short films.

Having already watched the trailer myself, I am eager to share it with you here. The only thing missing from the conversation is your voice. I would love to hear any input you may have regarding what you see in the trailer. When I saw the trailer it made me think of a word many use in the wine world, more specifically in the old world vineyards which is Terroir.

A quick look up online will reveal that loosely translated it means: " A " terroir " is a group of vineyards (or even vines) from the same region, belonging to a specific appellation, and sharing the same type of soil, weather conditions, grapes and wine making savoir-faire, which contribute to give its specific personality to the wine. "

To me this short film series say's it much b…

Hello Merlot: 2002 Joseph Phelps Merlot

"If anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!' 'Don't ask questions like that up in wine country. They'll think you're some kind of neophyte." Miles [Sideways]

Remember this now famous or infamous [depends on your prospective I assume] quote from the character; Miles in the movie Sideways and how his long cherished bottle he was waiting to drink actually contained Merlot. Slurping down a bottle Merlot last night, reminded me of Miles aversion to Merlot and subsequent revelation that he would not be drinking any Merlot that night and how he threatened to leave if someone actually had the temerity to order it. 

Thinking about that scene a moment; it stands out as a good reminder of how foolish some folks can be, to be bullied by into not doing something [like not drinking Merlot], by a scene from a movie. Personally I don't have anything against Merlot, in fact I actually like it quite a bit, but I prefer its right-bank …

Birthday Wine and Dine!

“I like stepping into the future. Therefore, I look for doorknobs.”~ Unknown

Well another Birthday has come and gone, half of ninety and still able to knock out three to four, six plus mile runs a week, not to bad. The wife and I headed over to Flemming's(wine bar & steak restaurant) for dinner to celebrate my getting older.

While it is a chain restaurant and they only have one Sommelier, who coordinates the wine list and the selection of the 100 wines by the glass or bottle, the service is very good and the wine choices seem to favor pairing with their menu. While the wine list is very good, the price points are far above what you would pay for the bottle retail, by as much as 400% in some cases [ouch], so I would suggest taking advantage of their BYOB policy and just paying the corkage.

We started our meal with Gloria FerrerBlancdeNoirs. The creamy palate and rosy hue melded on our palates ever so delicately with a clear fruit expression. Wow, this a very good sparkling w…

Sideways Road Trip Revisited

A few years back I took a road trip and got "Sideways in the SBC, I tasted my first CambriaPinot. It was the 667 Clone from the Santa Maria Valley. I remember the dance between the wine’s rich, earthy berries and the rich mushroom risotto. It was a distinct wine experience for me and I realize now, knowing more than I did then, why Denise Shurtleff (winemaker) embraces the philosophy behind the wine making at Cambria. Which is "that the function of wine is to complement and extend the pleasure of a meal.” Mission accomplished!
I was reminded of this philosophy and reminiscing about the "Sideways" road trip when rummaging around for a bottle to open the other night. I came across the 2003 CambriaPinotNoir # 667, Santa Maria Valley with 15.7% ALC. Price: $38 Score: 91 This was a superb PN! It has only aged a few years but it paid off in spades. I barely even noticed the 15.7% alc. as it sailed on my palate like a tall ship on a smooth sea. Each swirl, sniff and sip w…